Using AI to Improve Performance & Transform Rail Customer Experiences

Cut through the noise of unstructured data and convert insights into action, to help rebuild trust and transform your customers’ experiences.


Customers just want you to listen

Every touch point of a customer’s journey - from booking tickets, to arriving at their destination can impact the rail user’s overall experience of your brand. More often than not, it is the bad encounters that stay with them and that they tend to shout about online.

With rail passenger satisfaction reportedly at the lowest level for a decade, there has never been more pressure on rail companies to find ways to deliver a better service, excellent customer service and focused improvements.

Now is the time to take action, but where do you start?


Informing customer service decisions

Find the issues with heating on the London to Leeds line, what’s not going down well in the food cart, do your customers understand your new ticketing system?

Real time investigation of network problems

Find the causes of delays, service failures, safety incidents, and improve performance.

Understand staff needs and challenges

Aggregate information on your staff forums to create a happier workplace.

But how do you listen to all of them at once?

Wordnerds combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Advanced Linguistics to provide automated understanding of unstructured text data. We deliver next generation social listening and automated text understanding to provide reliable and actionable insight.


Discover how automated listening can help you better understand large collections of unstructured text.

From multiple sources including social media, forums, customer emails and employee feedback; you can analyse and correctly derive meaning, without any manpower required - giving you a clear picture of what the actual problems are.

What does this mean for the rail industry?

  • Early investigation of network problems
  • Informing customer service decisions 
  • Understanding staff needs and challenges 
  • Benchmarking against competitors 
  • Demonstrating proactivity 

Use the insights to adapt development roadmaps and innovation into new ideas to help solve issues.


World Rail Festival Start Up Innovators of the Year 2018 - 2019

If you’re not acting on what your staff, customers or potential customers are writing, speak to Wordnerds.